Ways to Create Contents that Drives More Traffic

Ways to Create Contents that Drives More Traffic

Most entrepreneurs are faced with the problem of how to drive traffic to their website. With an increase in the overwhelming digital market, it’s hard for your content to be noticed but don’t worry because it will not happen overnight. Below are some of the ways you can improve on and channel traffic to your website.

Implement Better Search Engine Optimisation

One should be able to understand good digital media for enabling a website to drive right type of traffic. Find out the nuances of SEO and write insatiable content. Content is known to be the king of a website as long as it is good content, this will keep visitors streaming in for more. Some visitors will share your content and help promote your site.

Answer Quora Questions and Create YouTube Video Tutorial

Quora has been known as a great medium for driving traffic. This is achieved by answering questions on the platform and creating keywords with the right link that anchor content to your site. Always avoid spam and have detailed answers.

YouTube may help you as a resource of free organic traffic as it is the second popular search engine all over the world. The tutorials and videos you create should be useful and of the great amount of value that links your content to your site.

Use of Email Marketing and Updating of Expired Content

One of the best ways you can drive traffic is the use of Email marketing and promotional offers. This will also mean you need a list that you can be able to market to.  Creating a lead magnet and building a sales funnel is one of the things that should be on the top list of your website. learn more about content writing at https://www.seotraffichero.com/seo-content-writing/

Refresh your content mostly when it has expired, always have an idea of how to update outdated content to drive more traffic through visibility.

Create a High-Quality infographic with a free online course

Creating a high-quality infographic is a form of clickbait. Websites can have many loads of clickbait that one can utilize and remember not all of them are created equal. You can build a good infographic that will link many people and have a marketing machine for the best website. Always use a qualified designer when working with infographics and at the same time creating a free course.

Free course is also a way of driving traffic to your website. The course should deliver a great amount of value to your website and links students to numerous content with great offers.


One of the most important aspects of having traffic your way is if you are serious about your site. The website should be mobile friendly and the content should be AMP-specifications and conforms to the guidelines. Speed up page delivery and also check the speed of your site with the use of content delivery Networks.learn more about amp by clicking here

Develop Slideshare presentations like powerful PowerPoint that captivate the audience. If this is done the right way and link the presentation to the content then you will have large traffic on your site.