Web Design Trends for Your Business

Webdesign Trends for Your Business

Webdesign has come so far, from plain text only layout in the late 90s, integration of simple image graphics in the mid-early 2000s, to today’s super high definition 3D interfaces. At this point most updated websites have met a certain threshold of a esthetical appeal. In this article, we will have a look at four powerful new features;

1. One page design

As the name suggests, this webdesign layout fits everything into a minimal, compact, single page form factor.

  • Allows for much faster loading times since the overall footprint is lower than the ordinary multi-paged website.
  • Improves conversion rates: Smart placement of hooks in one place delivers intent directly which makes it easy for visitors to comprehend your message and take action.check out some web design trends at http://www.kiverdesigns.com/steps-to-speed-up-the-loading-of-heavy-images-on-website/
  • Simpler and faster construction and maintenance; whether its initial design or updating content on the website
  • They look amazing on mobile devices especially; raising the odds of getting attention and getting shared on social media.
  • You can combine all resources such as colors, text placement and sentence tone to synergize in telling a compelling story /offer/competitive advantage.

2. Video backgrounds

Videos are slowly encroaching what was once known as a pictures territory. Modern websites use brief videos that greet you first thing you land on the page. An additional autopay feature is also available if you are that kind of guy!


  • It screams commitment for the simple fact that video creation is a resource-heavy operation.
  • Uniqueness and contemporary design gives your audience the feeling of being up to date  which goes a long way in softening their ‘financial hearts’ into buying your product.
  • Human brain enjoys and processes simultaneous audio-visual stimulation making it more likely that users will click and revisit your site which improves your ranking
  • Complex messages that would otherwise take multiple pages can be compressed into a brief video.

Webdesign Trends for Your Business

3.    Chat Bots & Machine Learning

You can actually have automated customer feedback on any number of common queries using in-built bots that text customers on your behalf (with information you’ve authorized though)


  • Faster, seamless two way feedback (from both yours and the customer’s sides) which generates more analytical data necessary to improve your operations. In addition, this not only improves customer experience but also takes advantage of the initial buying desire (impulse) customers have when they first visit your site.
  • A larger volume of customers can be handled at once which eliminates delay.
  • Bots have gotten so good, 92% of people do not recognize they are talking to a machine; it’s safe to say you have an extra competitive employee working 24-7.

4.    Monochrome Design

First off, black and white is just cool; white is chill and serene, black is strong and aggressive creating a solid mood.


  • Absence of color makes other visual aspects such as shapes and texts more pronounced. You can use this to your advantage.


Integrating one or more of these capabilities into your site is definitely going to excite your customers, good luck!